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3rd December 2020 
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“It was the best thing I have ever done. I learnt not to be a victim of my own life. I have taken away an awareness of how hard life can be and that I dont need to pretend to cope. I learnt very quickly, that you were not going to be a miracle worker and it wasn't you who was going to fix me. (I was very disappointed to hear that in our first few sessions!!)” - RH

“I learnt so much from working with you,....... your presence will stay with me for a long time. You were very present and attentive and took risks in your challenges and insights” - RC

“Clive provided me with a safe & compassionate space to explore my anger, pain & lack of self-esteem, especially in a loving relationship with men. We laughed a lot, I cried a lot..... I learnt that my story is my jewel, that I am intelligent, lovable, capable & trustworthy. His work is valuable beyond measure. His integrity gave me a reliable mirror to find my own.” - KV

“Working with you has had a profound effect on me. I have been deeply touched and moved by your perception and honesty. I have also been challenged in a way that has, at times, been very difficult for me, but also very powerful. I know that my expectations of myself and of my personal relationships will never be the same having worked with you.” - LW

"You saw in me what I couldn't bear to see - but you were patient with me and supported me whilst I regained my sight!" - SA

"Each person is different.... the myth that heals is an individual work of art" - Iris Murdoch

have included; artists, bank managers, beauty therapists, photographers, bricklayers, writers, film directors, care home managers, carpenters, CEO's, civil servants, computer programmers, truck drivers, counsellors, drug rehabilitation counsellors, electricians, journalists, entrepreneurs, estate agents, dentists, farmers, students, health and saftey officers, media presenters, language teachers, life coaches, masseurs, media consultants, military and security personnel, musicians, oil rig engineers, osteopaths, police officers, priests, psychologists, psychotherapists, shop assistants, doctors, social workers, teachers, TV & film producers..... in short, all walks of life